The Globiva Proposition

Business Partner Approach

One of the core values that we enlisted when we set up the company was ‘Customer First’. This value is instilled deep in each of the resource associated with Globiva and it is reflected in operating philosophy of speed, flexibility, transparency and continuous value addition. In our client-partner approach, we have created a well-defined culture that is aligned with client’s philosophy on customer interaction experience, revenue generation, business efficiency and market share.

We create entrepreneur culture in our employees through empowerment and deliverable responsibilities so that they are completely aligned with organization objectives.

Vertical Approach to Service Delivery

The performance of a business is enhanced with BPM services only when it relates to the operating industry intimately. We follow a strict industry specific vertical approach which allows us to understand our client’s business in depth. Our solutions and services for our clients are aligned with operating industry so that we come up with insights and develop solutions accordingly to meet our client’s requirements. Our Omni channel solutions are leveraged in all major industry verticals such as banking and financial services, insurance, retail, telecom, travel and hospitality.

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