Travel and Hospitality

Travel and hospitality industry are growing exponentially, and customers are looking forward to digital solutions, with ease of information access to fulfill their needs. In response, companies are compelled to create new business models to improve customer satisfaction while balancing costs.

Globiva offers best in class travel and hospitality services to its clients. Our solution offers end to end services through voice, email, chat, social media and back office support. The value addition includes customer life cycle management through service-channel optimization, customer loyalty programs, customer journey mapping and experience enhancement. We combine our solutions with deep domain expertise and experience to deliver profound bottom-line impact on the business.

Reservation and Booking Services

Hotels, flights and travel packages, up-sell and cross-sell of various products

Customer Services

Customer enquiries,online assistance, discounts & refunds, issues and escalations

Customer Maintenance Services

Post-sales support, bookings amendments and cancellations, loyalty program management and frequent flyer program support

Back Office Transaction Management

Enable our customers to reduce cost, turnaround time and focus on their core work by managing their complete back office processing. This includes processing voucher issuances, loyalty program processing, rebooking and post booking backend support, refund & claims processing and content management

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