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How Globiva Improved Customer Satisfaction for a Leading Ridesharing Company

About Our Client

World’s Leading Ridesharing Company

Our client is an on-demand rideshare company that services over 1 billion rides across bikes, auto-rickshaws, metered taxis, and cabs through 1.5+ million driver-partners across 250+ cities in India, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.


Although the client was working with a leading IT services provider for its ANZ business, it was still grappling with some challenges. One of our client’s challenges was receiving a massive volume of customer care and driver support requests for different cases and app troubleshooting. Other challenges are:

  • High-resolution timeline
  • Missed service levels
  • Low C-SAT & P-SAT scores
  • Inability to scale quickly

The client was on the verge of launching operations in the United Kingdom, and the only way to scale was to get an efficient BPM company to help them. Therefore, they onboarded Globiva to support the customer & driver-partner experience operations.

Our Solution

Our clients’ customer satisfaction scores have suffered and fluctuated as a result of the lack of automation or an army of expert agents to handle the volume of responses to resolve problems for riders and drivers. However, when they partnered with Globiva, our team was able to provide the following solution:

Service request processing, performed by the onsite geo team, is consolidated at Globiva to help with end-to-end ownership and close-looping customer issues.

Adopted the “Converged” CX approach with a holistic focus on issue resolution, D-SAT deep dive, and driving down re-open to deliver exponential improvements.

Started operations from Gurgaon and later on added Kolkata as a secondary delivery location to offer agility, business continuity, and a cost-effective solution.

All of these enhancements resulted in a massive reduction in resolution time to less than 24 hours, compared to an average of the previous 8 days of resolution time. Also, there was a 78% increase in the company’s CSAT score for both customers and drivers.

The Impact

Resolution time dropped to

< 24 hours

from an average of > 8 days

80% increase

in First Time Resolution scores

78% growth

in C-SAT scores

  • Globiva deployed the “Converged” CX framework, capable of assessing the correlation between resolution & C-SAT.
  • Deep-dives were carried out for re-opening, and the resultant actions helped reduce the re-open rate from 16% to 4%.
  • Initiated real-time D-SAT scrubbing along with 100% outcall in case an agent error was the cause of the D-SAT. This enabled us to win back customer trust, and resultantly, D-SAT went down from 54% to 18%.
  • As the 2nd delivery location, Kolkata allowed Globiva to ramp up quickly with an increase in customer volumes. Over 150 FTEs went live in under 6 weeks from the confirmation date for UK businesses.
  • Eventually, it consolidated all volumes across ANZ and the UK and Globiva was made the exclusive partner.
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