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How Globiva Transformed Customer Experience for a Leading Kitchen Robotics Company

About Our Client

The world’s youngest innovator in kitchen robotics.

The company services 70,000 customers worldwide in countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia by automating commercial kitchens and the food industry more broadly, using flexible robotic technology.

The Challenge

Although the client was working with a leading BPO to manage its customer service division, however, the company needed a workflow solution that allowed modeling of complex customer experience and was struggling with other challenges such as:

  • High-resolution timeline
  • Missed service levels
  • Low customer SAT
  • Non-Optimal business processes

In need of a partner that can solve customer experience-related problems, the company hired Globiva based on our proven experience and capability to reengineer the processes.

Our Solution

Gaining control of the process handled by the in-house teams of the client’s company, we uncovered process frictions such as bottlenecks and constraints. We quantified their effect on key performance indicators. We were able to help with end-to-end ownership, gain operational efficiency, increase productivity, and close the loop of customer issues at Globiva’s level.

Use variant gap analysis techniques to segregate different process variants along with logical drivers to arrest the loose ends in the transaction’s life cycle, causing a delay in resolution delivery, correlation between speed of resolution, and CSAT to cut down dependencies.

Set up a fully equipped customer service desk at the Gurgaon facility to extract actionable insights to improve the quality of service, offer faster resolution delivery, a better customer experience, and a more cost-effective solution.

The Impact

18% reduction

in transaction pending rate

35% reduction

in WFC cases

35% drop

in D-SAT scores

  • One of the most important technical requirements was integrating the BPM Suite into the existing IT infrastructure of the company. Globiva deployed the “Process Reengineering” framework, capable of assessing the gaps in current process learning, reducing the dependencies during transaction processing, applying tools of process strengthening and correlation between resolution & C-SAT.
  • To reduce the number of redundant branches, deep dives into the transaction life cycle and process flows were also performed.
  • The resultant actions helped reduce the transaction pending rate by 18% and WFC cases by 35%. Knowledge and skill enhancement tools are deployed for advisors and customer education. We also achieved an increase in first-time delivery and reduced customer contact. This led to a reduction in agent errors, and the D-SAT went down from 55% to 20%.
  • Centralization of L3 processes and teams at Globiva for faster resolution and complete ownership of end-to-end resolution delivery. Eventually, it consolidated all volumes across ANZ and the UK, and Globiva was made the exclusive partner.
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