Back Office Services

An organization’s back office management can significantly impact its business. The Back-office services is simple, reliable and effective way to manage your business functions and focus on your core functions. Large volume of data accrues on regular basis, from transactional processes like application processing, billing, order fulfillment and purchase order processing require effective back office solutions.

Our Industry specific expertise helps to customize back office services to meet your business needs. Globiva provides back-office services to our client’s way above the Industry benchmark. Our back-office services are driven through digital tools that help client’s superior delivery against performance like customer impact accuracy, productivity and turnaround time.

Backend Transaction Processing Services

Data capture, document indexing, verifications, scanning, printing, mailroom correspondence and dispatching, application processing, account opening/origination

Judgement Based Processing Services

Loan processing, payment processing, inventory management, reimbursement services, customer fulfillment services, queries resolution, reports processing, loans screening and pre-underwriting

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